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Statistical Trends Written Analysis
A concise, written summary of the primary statistical trends of your team and players.

Points Created and Per-minute Ratings
A 130-page report that provides player ratings in 15 different categories. Players are rated at one or more position per minute played in Points Created; total points; points per shot attempt; offensive, defensive, and total rebounds; percentage of rebounds per missed shots; assists; steals; blocked shots; turnovers; assists minus turnovers; field goal attempts; and free throw attempts. Players are grouped into two categories--starters/regular contributors and bench-warmers.

Detailed Team  
Team and opponent stats are given in 11 categories, including Points Created, for home and away games; wins and losses; and the second game of back-to-back games. Your team's NBA ranking in key categories over the past two seasons is also provided, along with several miscellaneous categories.

Detailed Player  
Player stats are given for home and away games; wins and losses; and the second game of back-to-back games; for varying intervals of playing time (see "About Effective Playing Time"); versus each NBA team; and for several miscellaneous categories. For each player, an historical report, showing each player’s performance in key categories over the past four seasons, is also provided.

Detailed Opponents
Presents cumulative stats for you and your opponents in 11 categories, including Points Created.

Career Stats
The totals and per-minute averages of each player for each season in their respective careers. Career totals are shown and career highs are highlighted.

Team Rankings and Averages
Shows the team’s rankings and averages in numerous categories, which are grouped by area (Offense/Defense, Rebounding, Scoring, etc.).

Shows the points scored and yielded during the time each player was on the court. Shows the same information for each 5-man lineup, each frontline combination, each backcourt combo, each player's effectiveness at each position, and other groupings.
Half and Half
Shows each of your player's statistics broken down by the first half and second halves of games for varying intervals of the season, including the first and second halves of the season.
In the Clutch
Shows each player's performance, including shooting and rebounding stats, in the last two minutes and also the final 30 seconds of close games.

Shows the possessions per game for each team in your league; the average points per possession and the average points allowed per possession for each team.

Scoring Percentage by Shot
Shows the percentage of total points scored and allowed by each team in your league on two- and three-point field goals and free throws.

Category Breakdown
Shows your team's and opponents’ averages and rankings in the following categories for the past four seasons: points per game; field goal percentage; turnovers; rebounding percentage; 3-pointers attempted per game; 3-point percentage; free throws attempted per game; free throw percentage; personal fouls, steals, and blocks per game; points per game differential; field goal percentage differential; turnover differential; possessions per game; offensive and defensive points per possession. Also shows the league’s best and worst teams in each possession category for the past three seasons.


Contact Us

Phone: 609-558-9801

Postal Address: 13 Stonelea Drive
Princeton Junction, N.J. 08550

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